three-dimensional essays since 2019. 


Priority Mail centers around a recent correspondence between Timo Fahler and Lara Schoorl. Over the course of two months, Fahler sent painted envelopes from Los Angeles to Schoorl in Amsterdam daily; together the envelopes add up to one large image. Meanwhile, Schoorl wrote an essay that she cut up into card-size pieces to fit the envelopes before anyone could read it forming both works into one edition of 55. Read the full press release here.


an earth between us, is a two-person exhibition by Timo Fahler and Lara Schoorl with readings and work by Raquel Gutiérrez, Farid Matuk and Zeenat Nagree. The show presents either or, neither nor 2 (notas del subterráneo) by Fahler and Bearing Correspondence by Schoorl; two unrelated works that are in dialogue through the surface of the earth and the exchange of language between them. Read the full press release here.